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The CB high efficiency water heaters are the best of both worlds. No compromises. An aesthetically pleasing design combined with a robust stainless steel heat exchanger with 10 years warranty. The CB units are direct fired water heaters that can be combined with one or more storage tanks. A simple setup of one CB with one storage tank can be used for small projects, like sport facilities. With large projects like big hotels multiple CB’s can be cascaded with multiple storage tanks for a high reliability and extreme high continuous hot water output during the peak demand.

✓ Continuous flow at a dT of 30°C of more than 4300 l/h with a single water heater
✓ Extreme low NOx emission of less than 24 mg/kWh (2 credits under BREEAM 2018 NOx limit)
✓ Maximum supply temperature of 85°C
✓ 316L Stainless steel heat exchanger
✓ Up to 89,6% Water heating energy efficiency
✓ Compact wall hung boiler
✓ Full modulation of 5:1
✓ Cascade up to 16 boilers
✓ Natural or LP gas
✓ Easy installation and maintenance
✓ Also available as central heating model

State of the art PCB technology
✓ Clear display with graphic design
✓ Modbus connection standard
✓ Easy to read fault history
✓ Internet and wifi connection possible


pdf Brochure CB HW


pdf Manual CB HW

Wellness resort chooses for new CB-HW solution!

A Dutch wellness resort recently chose to update its domestic hot water system to a system with 4 pieces of the brand new CB-105-HW units together with 2x 750 liter storage tanks. This direct fired water heating system provides hot water for various saunas, showers and (herbal) baths.

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