For entrepreneurs in the residential recreation or day recreation, we are the accessible and solution-oriented partner for heating and warm water systems.

The camping sector in the Netherlands in particular, requires a pleasant shower comfort for the camping guests. The peak load by simultaneity can be very large. The challenge is to choose the right system for this.

A satisfied guest is worth a lot, but the energy costs must remain as low as possible and the reliability must be high.

Our sales engineers got a lot of experience with this and can make the right estimation when it concerns shower and warm tap water. Of course this is substantiated with calculations.

The Consul+ and the CD+ range are the quick, flexible producers of shower and tap water. They are strong in quickly providing large amount if necessary and small amounts if possible. The fully stainless steel interior makes this a unique direct gas-fired system with a very high efficiency.

Naturally, both systems can be combined with solar boilers and heating pump systems.


Project examples

Wellness resort chooses for new CB-HW solution!

A Dutch wellness resort recently chose to update its domestic hot water system to a system with 4 pieces of the brand new CB-105-HW units together with 2x 750 liter storage tanks. This direct fired water heating system provides hot water for various saunas, showers and (herbal) baths.

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Hotel De Bonte Wever in Assen, NL

Central heating: 2 pieces of Senator 550 and 1 Senator 400

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Sanitary unit for camping facility

Hot water: 1 Consul 55 with a 230 liter storage tank combined with solar panels

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