A good working climate ensures for optimal performances and a low sickness absence. Plenty of reasons to select the best heating system.

When it concerns comfort heating with warm water systems is still the best choice. This is because the constant and very well controlled energy supply is possible.

Our Ambasador+ and Senator+ systems have a large modulation range so they can always provide the right amount of energy. Not too much and definitely not too little. Therefore, the energy costs are low and as they are often installed in cascade form the reliability is high.

Offices, factories, heavy industry, hardware stores and work places; any company or any work place can be heated with our heating systems.

In the process industry, the Consul+ and CD+ can be widely used as tap or process water producers. Especially in the food industry where stainless steel is the norm, our systems can be used.


Project examples

Nedmag in Veendam, NL

Central heating: 2 pieces of Senator+ 400

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Huuskes in Enschede, NL

Central heating: 8 pieces of Ambassador+ 180 cascaded

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