Education requires a lot of heating capacity to ensure a good learning and working climate. Plus, a small room with many pupils or students also requires sufficient ventilation. In the slightly older building the heating loss is captured by radiators. In the slightly newer building this is done with a balanced air treatment system often in combination with underfloor heating.

In both cases heating with central heating water is the most used and energy-efficient solution to guarantee the good working and thinking climate.

The Ambassador+ and the Senator+ + are heating specialist. They get any school, education institute or university at the right temperature. If there is also a gym with shower room next to or nearby the school, the Consul+ or the CD+ is the right choice.

Both systems easily communicate with the building management system and are very reliable. Often they are also placed in cascade what benefits the reliability of the complete system.


Project examples

Marianum college in Groenlo, NL

Central heating: 2 pieces of Ambassador+ 150 with 2 pieces Ambassador+ 180
Hot water:: Consul 55-230

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