Hospitality and customer satisfaction is important in any sector, but is vital in the hospitality sector. We want the customer to have a pleasant experience and that this experience asks for repeat.

In the lobby of the hotel, in the restaurant and also in the room we all want comfort that feels like a hot bath. Preferably like at home but if possible even nicer. This applies particularly for showering and taking a bath. More and more hotel chains therefore select showers with large capacity (rain shower) to give the guest a wellness experience in the own bathroom.

The Ambassador+ and the Senator+ + are heating specialists and will obtain the right temperature for any hotel.

The Consul+ and the CD+ range are quick, flexible producers of shower and tap water. They are strong in quickly providing very large amounts if necessary and small amount if possible. The fully stainless steel interior makes it a unique direct gas-fired system with a very high efficiency.

Apart from comfort in the restaurant, the kitchen often quickly requires much water. The Consul+ is a quick thinker that solely provides many restaurant kitchens with warm tap water. It requires little space so it can be installed very near the kitchen. Finally, the Consul+ has a fully stainless steel interior and pipe work as it should in a kitchen.


Project examples

Wingshotel Rotterdam, NL

Central Heating: 2 pieces of Senator+ 550

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NH Hotel in Amsterdam, NL

Hot water: 4 pieces of CD 180 combined with 2 pieces of 450 liter storage tanks

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