AHRI performance certification of Eco Heating Systems Residential- and Commercial boilers (RBLR & CBLR) finalized with efficiencies above 95%.

Eco Heating Systems is happy to publish that we’ve received the formal welcome letters from the AIR-CONDITIONING, HEATING & REFRIGIRATION INSTITUTE (AHRI) yesterday.


The technical department of Eco Heating Systems has achieved the development and certification of their new premium boiler range, with ratings of 299MBTU, 399MBTU, 499MBTU & 500MBTU, reaching AFUE or thermal efficiencies above 95% for all models. Eco Heating Systems is very proud of the development team achieving this important milestone and thanks all the people who have been working on the project.

The AHRI certification together with the safety certification, that has been finalized in an earlier phase, enables Eco Heating Systems to market their premium  products over the full north American market.


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Eco Heating Systems is at the ISH 2019 in Frankfurt.

The world’s leading trade fair, focusing on the responsible handling of water and energy in buildings. Coming March you can find us at the ISH trade fair in Frankfurt. This 5 day event will take place from 11 to 15 March. We hope to welcome you at our stand in hall 11.0 G92! If you want to go here, you can also request tickets through us, please contact our sales office.


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CB – The next generation boilers

The CB range high efficiency wall hung commercial boilers are the best of both worlds. No compromises. An aesthetically pleasing design combined with a robust stainless steel heat exchanger with 10 years warranty. This CB Commercial Boiler is ready to heat any building larger than a house. If more units are required, they can be inter-connected easily with the cascade manager, a standard feature that comes with every CB boiler. A clear display with graphic design makes it easy to monitor and program. Full connectivity (internet/wifi/Modbus/Bacnet) available.

The CB range is now available in two models:

  • European market and rest of world: 85, 105, 125 and 155 kW
  • North American market: 299, 399 and 499 MBH

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Gas Distribution Station with 4 Senators to the Middle East

2 Mega Watt high efficient gas fired heating system in one 20 foot sea-container. The four Senator boilers will assure that the Gas Distribution Station will remain operational without freezing.

In spite of high temperatures in the Middle East, the risk of freezing, caused by gas pressure reduction, remains. The reduction process make the gas pipe temperature drop below zero easily. Therefore heating is required; even at temperatures around 20°C!

The Senator boilers cooperate as one system. Thanks to a modulation range of 8:1 for each boiler,  supply and demand are adjusted to one another perfectly.

Each Senator has an output up to 576 kW on a floor surface that is less than 1 square meter. This makes it a compact stayer which, thanks to the stainless steel heat exchanger, the double burner and burner control, is an outstanding solution for those projects in which reliability has the highest priority.


Nominal output 50/30°C                                  2.304 kW
Efficiency 40/30°C DIN 4702-8                       max. 109,5 %
Gas consumption G20                                    28,8 – 232,8 m3/h
Heat exchanger                                               Stainless steel
Modulation                                                       8:1

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New logo and new website!

logoWith our new website we express what we stand for; the accessible specialist for heating and warm tap water solutions. The site serves as a practical roundabout where various target groups can quickly and efficiently find information about our products. Product specifications, technical specifications, pictures, user manuals, CAD drawings and installation schedules, all must be easy to find.

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