Eco Heating Systems

Eco Heating Systems, based in the Netherlands, is a manufacturer for central heating and domestic hot water solutions.

For more than 20 years we develop, produce and supply innovative solutions for applications in offices, apartments, industry and sport facilities across the world. Due to many projects, we have a wide experience in both central heating and domestic hot water.

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AHRI performance certification of Eco Heating Systems Residential- and Commercial boilers (RBLR & CBLR) finalized with efficiencies above 95%.

Eco Heating Systems is happy to publish that we’ve received the formal welcome letters from the AIR-CONDITIONING, HEATING & REFRIGIRATION INSTITUTE (AHRI) yesterday.


The technical department of Eco Heating Systems has achieved the development and certification of their new premium boiler range, with ratings of 299MBTU, 399MBTU, 499MBTU & 500MBTU, reaching AFUE or thermal efficiencies above 95% for all models. Eco Heating Systems is very proud of the development team achieving this important milestone and thanks all the people who have been working on the project.

The AHRI certification together with the safety certification, that has been finalized in an earlier phase, enables Eco Heating Systems to market their premium  products over the full north American market.


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