Central heating
Only throughout the Netherlands there are more than 20,000 sport complexes in all shapes and sizes. Covered accommodations, such as sports halls, swimming pools and other training facilities often requires much heating capacity. Many different temperature settings are often required, depending on the target group. The heating systems in this type of complexes must therefore be able to react quickly and be reliable.

The Ambassador+ and the Senator+ units have been specially equipped for this. Due to the high modulation range they can easily respond to the need. Plus, they require little space. In cascade form they can be assembled to the supplied cascade rack, next to each other and they will only require a few square metres.

After training one needs a shower. Almost all sports fields for football, hockey, korfball, athletics, skating complexes etc. are equipped with changing rooms with showers. Many team sports are characterised by many athletes who simultaneously want to take a shower.

For example, when the players of four football fields have finished at the same time and take a shower after each other, more than 100 people will jointly use about 3,000 litres of water. But all situations are different. We have a large experience in shower water calculations and offer comfort guarantees.

The Consul+ and the CD+ range are the quick, flexible producers of shower and tap water. They are strong in quickly providing large amount if necessary and small amounts if possible. The fully stainless steel interior makes this a unique direct gas-fired system with a very high efficiency. Naturally, both systems can be combined with solar boilers and heating pump systems.


Project examples

Football Club Losser, NL

Hot water: CD 80 combined with a 300 liter storage tank

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Sports Centre Papendal, NL

Hot water: 2 pieces of CD 100 combined with a 450 liter storage tank

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