Application of heating and tap water for government building is very diverse. It can concern town halls where an existing central heating system must be replaced, a penitentiary institution, military barracks or various other applications such as sports facilities.

When it concerns long term costs of the heating or to prepare warm tap water, we are the right party. All systems have a very high efficiency and therefore lower heating costs and are equipped with a stainless-steel interior so they have a long lifespan and the maintenance costs are relatively low.

The Ambassador+ and the Senator+ are heating specialists and get any public or closed facility at the right temperature. The Consul+ and the CD+ range are the quick, flexible producers of shower and tap water. They are strong in quickly providing large amount if necessary and small amounts if possible. The fully stainless steel interior makes this a unique direct gas-fired system with a very high efficiency.

Both systems easily communicate with the building management system and are very reliable. Often they are also placed in cascade what benefits the reliability of the complete system.


Project examples

Fire brigades Wijster, NL

Hot water: 1 Consul 55 with a 230 liter storage tank

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Police Academy in Zwolle, NL

Central heating: 2 pieces of Ambassador+ 80
Hot water: 1 CD 120 combined with a 300 liter storage tank

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