For the best operation of your central heating or warm water boiler a good set up of the boiler is essential. With a commissioning performed by us the boiler is set to the right CO level. Plus, the boilers are placed in cascade.

With the commissioning, we can also regulate the boilers with building management or other control systems. With each commissioning performed by us you will receive a full report.
pdf Protocol IBS werkzaamheden (Dutch)
First special inspection
Based on the SCIOS legislation it is compulsory to have new installations with a nominal capacity above 100 kW inspected. This first special inspection will be performed by us in consultation with you and will be reported to you conform the applicable standards.

Apart for the possibility that we train your engineers to maintain our boilers, you can also sub-contract the annual maintenance to us. Based on a contract we inspect the boilers and reset them every year. Possible defect parts are replaced by us.